Clara and the Rat King

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About the author

Alice Victoria Arkham

Alice hails from sunny SoCal, where she got exposed to things like comics, videogames, movies, manga, books, anime, fairytales and mythology, art, and a variety of music from around the world. She grew up being a huge book nerd with an insatiable craving to read a dozen books a day while she has stuff like Star Trek/Star Wars, Doctor Who, any martial arts film or even a Durarara or Naruto anime episode blaring as background noise. You can currently find her doing whatever the Navy tasks her while she writes on the sly, runs after her very energetic toddler son and her two furry teenage-daughter cats as they destroy more furniture, and swoons over her devilishly handsome Marine husband.

You can find another of Alice’s works, “Clara and the Rat King: An Adult Retelling of The Nutcracker Prince” on all E-readers for 99 cents.

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