The 17 Cent Miracle: A True Story of Gratitude

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About the author

Amylia Coover

Amylia Coover is married to her best friend and together they raised five children near Seattle. They have lived in Idaho, Washington, Texas, Nevada, and Ohio. One thing Amylia has learned is to roll with the punches and have a good sense of humor.

She loves to write, decorate, and event plan--sharing many of these talents on her blog Quite Contemporary. 

She has a heart of truth and has increasingly felt a burning desire to share these truths with the world around her. She has a thing to say about almost everything, as she has endured many trials in her life and enjoys sharing what she has learned along the way.

Some call her blunt, other's call her funny, but most will agree that she likes to cut through the chase and get down to the nitty gritty on many touchy subjects. Laughter is her drug of choice and she loves nothing better than spreading inspiration and seeing others succeed.