Web of Seduction

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Brittney L Divine

Brittney L. Divine is the pseudonym of romance author Bontheia Richardson. Raised in rural North Carolina, she dreamed of faraway lands. Determined to create an existence that was full of all the exhilaration that life could bring, Brittney joined the U.S Navy but medical issues put an end to her military career and forced her to readjust to civilian life. To her dismay, normal activities were not nearly exciting enough to keep a sailor occupied. No longer able to physically resume her travels, Brittney began to read romance and fantasy but found that too was insufficient. She self-published her own paranormal romance, Web of Seduction, in February of 2019 and now lives just as vicariously as she once did through her imaginary characters, finally understanding that true freedom is really a product of the mind, not the body.Add an Auth​​​​​​​or Biography