The Cosmic Dance

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Kay Yes

Kay Yes considers himself as a Universal citizen without a necessity of attaching a specific nationality. Through the process of living in this world, he got attracted to write down whatever he experienced. Initially, most of his writings were in vernacular language, later on it was written in English. His writings are more about experiential learning. He never got attached to a religion or philosophy with respect to writing as he could not validate majority of the teachings in those areas through the process of living. His observation of life and hypocrisy therein  lead him to write more and more about the experiences interpreting them in his own way. His thinking roughly corresponds to a simple philosophy stated as Life flows out of a theme. A lot of bubbles spring up, spicing up the flow. It is amazing to watch and understand how these empty bubbles create dazzling effects of resistance and yet facilitate the flow in their own way. Our job is to observe those bubbles and derive experience in the form of pain and pleasure.