Avoiding mistakes that most Entrepreneurs make

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About the author

JB Malatji

JB Malatji (Basi) is passionate about people and their success in life and motivated by those who remain humble in the mist of thunderous successes. He is also inspired by the resilient nature of the human spirit, potent with power unimaginable to achieve things that even those possessing it cannot begin to fathom.

JB Malatji writes from his many years of experience in guiding businesses and consulting with entrepreneurs seeking to set up businesses. This exposure and experience gives him the ‘voice’ of authority and makes one to take note of his opinions and comments. He shares with readers his experiences and know-how acquired from his positions as a manager, a leader, a consultant, an entrepreneur, and an author.

JB Malatji is a married father of two, an author, a consultant, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur. His passion is on seeing others empowered and effective in pursuing their financial and management success. JB Malatji strongly believes that true education empowers people to think independently and critically and helps them to perform according to their God given potential. Everything he writes about is connected to the development and empowerment of an individual relating to character development, entrepreneurial development and personal financial independence

JB Malatji’s passion extends to junior managers development and he is currently working on a model for this course. He is an MBA graduate with 17 years banking experience served with 3 major South African Banks at different management levels. He is experienced in training and development and management.

JB Malatji has written and published three books that are full of personal experiences, and of customers that he interacted with and provide guidelines from which to draw lessons regarding the universal challenges regarding personal finances, entrepreneurial & business development, management development and character development.