Hunter's Snare

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About the author

Zeecé Lugo

Zeecé Lugo was born in Puerto Rico, grew up in Brooklyn, and lived in many places. Her early love was reading. The worlds of Pern, Middle-earth, St. Mary Mead, and Shrewsbury Abbey had an incredible influence and hold on her imagination.

She wrote her first novel, Hunter's Snare (first published as Daniel’s Fork,) in two months, spending long hours at her task. During that time, she ensconced herself in her bedroom with her computer, barely coming out to grab a cup of coffee or a snack. One day, her nearest neighbor came desperately knocking at her bedroom window, afraid that Zeecé might be dead; no one had seen her for days!

​​​​​​​Hunter's Snare was meant to be the first book in a romantic trilogy. Little did Zeecé know that stories have a way of going where they want to go. The novel turned out to be a journey to the future past,  a sexy mystery set in the future. 

Since writing her first novel, Zeecé has branched into other genres. Her series Angel’s Guardian is contemporary paranormal vampire romance. Her short story “Five Stories up” is urban horror. Her newest series is a paranormal novella serial. The series is titled Vampires in the Mist. The first volume, One Chosen, is already available at online sellers. Each volume will be novella length and scheduled for release at three-month intervals.

All her series presently have books in the works, including the Future Past series.