The Dog Particle

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About the author

David S. Wellhauser

David S. Wellhauser, over the years, has lived and worked in many countries and traveled in many others. Presently he is an Assistant Professor, in the College of Liberal Arts, at Keimyung University, Daegu, The Republic of Korea.

Mr. Wellhauser has lived in East Asia for many years.

Author of gritty Fantasy, Satire, Black Comedy, Crime, Noir, Sci-Fi, Horror, Mystery, Genre Mash-ups, Literary & Dystopian Fiction.

All things dark & twisted find a home in the pages of his books

On Influences & Style
Much of their writing has been influenced by Magical Realism, Contemporary/Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, World Literature, Gritty or Hardboiled Crime Fiction, Philosophy, Gnostic Dementia, Nihilism, Genre Re-inscription, the Paranormal & Supernatural, and Realpolitik. The author's intention is to reveal character at the frontier of experience and humanity. From here identity and action buckle psychological topographies, revealing a new and disturbing landscape.