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About the author


Thomas A. M. Mutonono was born and raised in Mbare, formerly Harare (the rest of the city was called 'Salisbury', then) before Zimbabwe’s independence.

He was interested in reading and writing so much that in 1969 he began to write short stories in ChiShona, one of the local languages in Zimbabwe and English. Despite a number of rejections from publishers Thomas persisted with his writing and eventually saw his work published in some magazines in the 1970’s and the Sunday Mail, the main national weekly in the early 1980’s. In 2001 Thomas moved to UK and in 2010 his first book of short stories, A Means to Survive was published by Lion Press Limited.

At present Thomas is working on a third book to be published in the near future, looking at the peoples’ politics as fiction based on the realities of everyday life. He lives in the Bedfordshire town of Luton