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Malcolm Mansfield

During my time as a local gigging musician, I met so many creative, inspired people out there also working the live music scene. Back in 2009, when my first bar band was on track to begin playing out, I thought I had it all figured out. However, once we started racking up gigs, I soon realized how little I knew about how to launch, grow, and sustain a live act. And, probably like you, with a day job, I didn't have a lot of time to troubleshoot. Searching the web for fixes was a bit like wading through miles of swamp to divine the clear spring waters. So, my intent in creating Band Advisor was to aggregate and present the expertise from like-minded individuals, and to be the catalyst for learning and productive conversation. 

Band Advisor is undoubtedly a passion project. And I suspect that other home-town musicians share my goal to build a cash-flow positive side-line music gig. However, after spending weeks on the web, it soon became clear to me that creating another text-heavy blog post wasn't the answer. As I considered the common pressure points that musicians face, the need for practical but straightforward tools that we could all use became apparent. I hope that you will find these chapters, associated tools, and recommended links useful and that these components in aggregate will both save you time and allow you to focus your artistic energy into a beam of pure joy.