Cold Crypt Cellars

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J.R. O'Bryant

J.R. O'Bryant (August 1984-current) was born and raised in and around San Diego County, CA. She spent most of her summers and breaks in Central Coast, CA with her family riding horseback through the country side, playing in the Pacific Ocean, and falling in love with the wild world around her. At the age of fourteen she and her family moved half way across the country to the small community of Crystola, CO. There she fell in love with the true blue skies and the everlasting beauty of the Rocky Mountains. She started really getting into her writing within her first year of high school, and it was encouraged by her English teachers when it didn't get in the way of her school work. It would be years later that she would actually have the guts to pursue a career in writing. Now she lives in the Midwest with her daughter that is lovingly called the "Daemon Squishy". She still escapes the flat lands and heads out to the mountains of Colorado and the oceans of California every chance she gets. If home is where the heart is, her home is in the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.