Sinful Demands

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About the author

P.S. Nail

Author of Paranormal and Fantasy Romance.

Dreaming of becoming a vampire, I mean author, since she was a youngling, P.S. Nail finally fulfilled her prophecy by self-publishing her first paranormal fantasy romance novel, with many more to come.
She enjoys playing guitar to soothe the draw of the moon, video games to help pacify her blood lust, reading romance and smut books, since she never sleeps, and having a fangtastic time with paranormal friends. Once a month, when the full moon calls, she and her coven dance naked around a magical blazing fire . . . but don’t tell her we told you.
We think she currently lives in the United States, or possibly Romania, with her shifter husband, three hybrid sons, and their pet demons. She lovingly calls them her immortal family.
She will continue to quench her thirst for writing until death, dismissal, or dishonor.

FYI: She hates the sun, but loves garlic.