America's Journey: Underdog to Overlord, Regrets to Rebirth

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About the author

Rich Trzupek

Rich Trzupek grew up on the far southeast side of Chicago in the 60’s and 70’s. It was steel-mill country back then. The neighborhood was working class, but prosperous. His father did shift-work in the mills, mom stayed at home till the youngest of her six children hit high-school. We all went to Catholic elementary schools, and most of us – including Rich – followed that up with Jesuit high-school and college educations, back when Jesuit institutions of learning were actually Jesuit in nature. It was a pretty standard baby-boomer childhood/adolescence.

By education, Rich is a chemist and loves all things science, with the exception of our current back-sliding into politicizing science. There’s not a hell of a lot of difference between the IPCC and Pope Urban VIII in Rich's view. Rich also love history and I love to write. History and its cousin historical fiction are his favorite genres and have consumed most of his life as a vociferous reader. 

Rich has written for himself and for the public over the better part of the last thirty-five years.

On the personal side, Rich is married to his second wife, Cheryl. They live in the northwest Chicago suburbs with two dogs, three cats and a couple of noisy birds. Rich's daughter Sara lives in the UK with her husband. Cheryl’s oldest two sons from her first marriage Joe and Jay live nearby, while her youngest, Alec is away at college.

Rich's portfolio includes:

  • Regulators Gone Wild: How the EPA is Ruining American Industry, author, Encounter Books, 2011, ISBN 1594035261
  • The New Leviathan, contributor, Encounter Books, 2012, ISBN 9781594036026
  • Air Quality Compliance and Permitting Manual, author, McGraw-Hill, 2002, ISBN 978-0071373340
  • Frontpage - numerous articles and commentaries
  • Examiner Publications – numerous commentaries
  • Chicago Tribune – multiple op-eds
  • Breitbart – numerous articles and commentaries
  • Rueters – occasional commentaries
  • The American Spectator – occasional commentaries
  • The Heartland Institute – numerous articles and commentaries
  • Threedonia - numberous commentaries