The Value Mix: Create meaningful products and services for your audience

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About the author

Guerric de Ternay

Based in London, Guerric de Ternay is the founder of two fashion brands that promote a sustainable approach to fashion:

- GoudronBlanc offers elegant and high-quality T-shirts that men love to wear.

- Blackwood pioneers the use of some of the most eco-friendly materials to create beautiful handmade accessories.

Guerric also runs innovation projects at ?What If!, a global consulting firm that works with Fortune 500 companies using an experimentation-based approach to help them drive growth.

Guerric is the author of The Value Mix: Create meaningful products and services for your audience.

In this book, he helps marketers, innovation consultants, product managers, and entrepreneurs to create compelling value propositions. The approach of The Value Mix helps better understand the connection between market research and product strategy, so they can better succeed at building great products and services targeted at the right customers.

A graduate of London Business School, Guerric also went to law school in Paris. He is an occasional guest lecturer at University College London, where he teaches innovation and digital marketing.

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