The White Harlequin

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About the author

Daphne Yakinthou

Daphne Tzamali-Yakinthou was born in sunny Greece during the month of August in the year 1981.

            As an only child with a difficult childhood, she discovered a way to escape by taking refuge in the world of her favorite fairy tales. Soon she began creating her own stories.

            While watching films she often found herself trying to enter into the world of the movie she had been watching and completely change the story unfolding on the TV screen, creating a tale of her own, where she could be a heroin or even a deus ex machina, a sudden powerful magical helper coming to aid the hero and defeat the villain.

            As she was growing older, during her adolescence, she began writing fairy tales while studying music and classical singing in the conservatory.

            Later, in her twenties, she completed her series “The amazing journey of the star” comprised by five adventures of a bright, heavenly child in faraway worlds and strange dimensions. Then she published with Ocelotos publishing house her first children’s story with her own illustrations “Astrozaharenia Istoria”, a tale about a beautiful ballerina, queen of living toys, and a little clown so in love with her that he dares to travel to a frozen land to fight the fierce dragon who has stolen her favorite thimble.

            Since then she has written and illustrated many books, articles and e-books.