Dying Embers

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Glenn Trust

Glenn Trust is a native of the south but has lived in most regions of the country at one time or another. Varied experiences from construction worker to police officer, corporate executive to city manager, color and provide insight into the characters he creates. His stories are known for detailed plots, solid research, and realism.

There are no superheroes or knights in shining armor in his stories. According to Trust, knights are for fairy tales. His books are gritty and based in the real world with characters who face their frailties while dealing with their roles in the story. The heroes are average people doing the best they can.

Also missing from his stories are any references to vampires, zombies, supervillains, or other assorted monsters. Trust's monsters hide behind the smiling faces that pass us on the street. They look like us, and this makes them more frightening.

He is the author of the bestselling Hunters, The Journey, and Sole Justice series of mystery/suspense/thrillers as well as stand-alone novels and short stories. Today, he writes full-time and lives quietly with his wife and two dogs, Gunner and Charlie.

You can find all of his work on his Book Bub author page, or check out his Facebook Page - Glenn Trust Books where you can sign up for his email group to receive updates on new releases and upcoming book promotions.