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About the author

Apostle Arthur J. Barner, PhD

Dr. Arthur J. Barner is the founder of the International Apostolic Fellowship of Churches, Inc., the International Apostolic Fellowhip of Churches Christian Academy and Tabernacle of Deliverance of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Consequently, he was called and chosen as an anointed vessel of our Lord Jesus Christ with an apostolic anointing. He holds and Associative Degree in Applied Science (AAS); a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Planning (MSCJ) and Honorary Doctor of Religious Philosophy from Heath Missions School of Theology and Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary. Over the years, the Lord Jesus Christ has revealed to his servant over 100 Visions and dreams pertaining to His Lordship and the power he has given to the body of Christ in the earth. This book will give you revelation knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and the authority each believer has in the name of Jesus. In the beginning of Apostle Barner's ministry, the power of God was seen in manifestation as blind eyes were open, many were healed of incurable diseases and even the dead were raised several times. The power is about to be seen upon the church, the body of Christ, and not just a few individuals!