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Larry J. Dunlap

Larry J. Dunlap is the author of NIGHT PEOPLE, Book 1, and ENCHANTED, Book 2, of Things We Lost in the Night, A Memoir of Love and Music in the 60s with Stark Naked and the Car Thieves. His short stories have appeared in: 2012 WRITING FROM INLANDIA (2015) and HERE COMES THE SUN (2017).

In the years following his memoir, Larry spent most of the 70s in Hollywood as a personal manager, publisher, and Sunset Boulevard recording studio owner/operator. He also reviewed live-music performances in his column NIGHTWORK for AFFAIR Magazine and wrote and drew a music-based comic strip called FRETS for "Inside" Magazine. In the 80s Larry co-founded the first all-digital broadcasting network, followed by a number years in video and film production, and post-production. Larry's professional writing career began as a pencil-for-hire, technical and training writer for Fortune 50 companies in the 90s.

Larry's favorite project has been imagining a galactic empire with a detailed history and backstory. He designed the gameplay and delivery system and worked with his team to develop a breakthrough graphical multiplayer online strategy game, IMPERIAL WARS. Don't be surprised to see stories soon from this long-imagined universe in the near future. Currently, Larry writes from his home near the ocean in Southern California where he counts his blessings and shares his life with his wife Laurie and their Chilidog.

Find out more about Larry and his writing at http://larryjdunlap.com Contact him at larry@cvppress.com