Songs of Bliss

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Clive Gilson

Clive Gilson was born in 1962 into a predominantly sporting household – his father was a good footballer, playing senior amateur and lower league professional football in England, as well as running a series of private businesses in partnership with Clive’s mother, herself an accomplished and medal winning dancer.

Clive obtained a degree in History from Leeds University before wandering rather haphazardly into the emerging world of business computing in the late nineteen-eighties.

A little like his sporting father, Clive followed a succession of amateur writing paths, including working as a freelance journalist and book reviewer, his one claim to fame being a by-line in a national newspaper in the UK, The Sunday People.

Clive’s first novel, Songs of Bliss, appeared in 2011, with three subsequent volumes of short stories appearing in print between then and 2017. Clive’s stories and poetry have appeared regularly in anthologies in the UK, and his work has been shortlisted in competition by the likes of Ragged Raven, bluechrome, and Leaf Books.

Over the last twenty years or so, Clive has collected nearly 10,000 copies and versions of folk and fairy tales from around the world, both for research and as a hobby. Loving stories and their telling as he does, Clive is now adapting these stories and producing well put together free eBooks by country and region - a labour of love that will take years to complete (if ever - there are always new stories to discover).

Clive combines his love of story-telling with a passion for information technology, and he is currently a Director with a major UK FinTech company.