The Stopover: Crossed Paths

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About the author

Peter Thomson

Peter Thomson has lived a rich and varied life as a soldier, commercial seafarer and businessman. He was born under the Gemini star sign and raised in a village on the outskirts of the old Roman city of St.Albans.

Humour and tease tempered the hard manual work of the family's day. Peter quickly developed his wits to give as good as he got. Whenever his father ribbed him,he would come back with 'You weren't at Mum's bedside when I was born. You were away at the beach with your mates.' It felled his father with laughter each time it was said.

Thomson's father was fighting the rear guard action at Dunkirk when Peter came into the world.  Some beach!

Motivated by unfairness and injustice in our society, Peter will often craft his fiction around real events.

'Nobody has gone to jail yet for inflicting the sub-prime mortgage scam on the world. ‘That has to be wrong,' according to Thomson.

 He makes the point along with an explanation of how it happened, and the unregulated corporate greed that engineered it in the second volume of his 'The Stopover' series.

He now lives in South West France with his wife and a colony of feral cats.

When not writing articles and books, Peter grows enormous quantities of fruit and vegetables.

In addition to continuing The Stopover series, Peter's other work in progress - Drive For Freedom - about an Afghan family's flight from evil.”