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Ian Howe

About the not so serious life's too short me.

    Hi, I have spent sixty years now travelling, searching, experiencing and learning the in's and out's of human life. In spite of working hard for a living until ill health put a stop to that, I reflected upon my somewhat busy hobby history. After spending more than one and a half decades in education, apart from fishing, my hobbies included, a decade of keeping fit and martial arts, a decade of shooting small and large firearms and scuba diving, more than a decade of sailing and, although not a hobby, a decade fighting the humans nemesis called cancer. After all this I am still non the wiser, so I gave up trying to understand human life.

    I did however, achieve to be gifted with three amazingly lovely children in those busy decades .

    I moved to Cornwall in the 90's, deciding to stay on this planet for as long as possible. Later I took the decision to retire early, (with a little help from the cancer and arthritis I might add), and then met my now tremendous second wife Sue. Spending this latter decade reading, writing and towing a caravan around the UK when the weather permits. ‚Äč

    Many thanks, best wishes and good health to all.

    One life, live it, enjoy. Ollie.... Ian.