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Dee Shihady

Roya D. Shihady, (Dee) is the owner and Executive Director of Crystal Adoptions.

“Dee has an uncanny ability to connect quickly and on the deepest level. It's easy to trust her, she really cares,” says Mark, her husband, "she tends to form deep personal relationships with clients which is unusual in business today."

This practice actually encourages others to bond. Some relationships reach years past the adoption process; a type of virtual family that provides support for each other. This is how the program More Than a Mom came to be. It's designed to encourage these healthy, supportive relationships whether adopting, placing or parenting.

Dee believes in pure potential. She received her Associates in Business at the age of 37, with 6 children in the home and her bachelor’s in education a few years later, as a single parent.

She has a boundless passion, writing or speaking, for educating adults on how to nurture the best in children and in bringing the family closer. She has been an instructor, voice teacher, a step-parent, foster parent and now grandmother of 8.  "It seems I've always worked with families throughout my life," she smiles. 

In 2015 she and her husband Mark became official "empty-nesters" and Dee started work on two more books.  One about adoption and one about (surprise!) her family. Wondering which will be finished first, Dee laughs, "You always think things will get easier if you can just make it 'til they turn 18, but parenting adult children can be a hair-raising experience also!"

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