A Life: in Eight Shorts

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About the author

Shira Destinie A. Jones

About the Author:

Shira Destinie Jones, MPhil, MAT mathematics, BSCS, has experienced housing and food insecurity as a child, lived in projects in Oxon Hill, MD and Anacostia, DC, struggled with gender strife at the US Naval Academy, and dealt with class and color line divisions in Baltimore. She has worked in developing countries and rich countries, studied economic social policy, and taught on the importance of history and shared governance through walking tours, presentations, and classroom lessons. Straddling several worlds as a polyglot has allowed her to hear in their own words from rich and poor people in Turkey, England, Mexico, and France. Comparing that with experiences from her own background of origin has led her to use her studies to create a plan with the potential to build cooperation between all parts of our society, in the interest of the common good.