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Caro Kinkead

As a child, Caro Kinkead was told Dr. Seuss’ job was “writing books,” and decided that was her goal when she grew up – along with being a ballerina and an archeologist and about a dozen other things. A fear of snakes signaled the end of her ambition to find the next Tutankamun’s tomb, the dancing (and acting) didn’t quite pan out, but the love of writing remained, allowing her to enjoy those varied careers and more in her imagination.

Born and raised in Houston, TX, Caro grew up in a family of readers, where she developed a love of science fiction and fantasy thanks to her father, and old movies and the art of costuming from her mother. These days, she and her husband share a home in the Los Angeles area with their cat, the Mighty Mu-Mu, a sizeable book collection, and more yarn than she’d care to admit to.

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