Start of Tiamat's Curse: Prologue of Celestial-Terrestrial Warriors

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Beckett W. Baldwin

"Beckett Baldwin" is the pen name of the author of the "Celestial/Terrestrial Warriors" (Tentai/ Chij┼Ź no Senshi) and "Saintly/Angelic Warriors" (Seijin/ Tenshi no Senshi) series, Garland J. Bennett, III, who's old writing nickname was "Garbo, The Diverse Writer". Adopted the pen name based on the various writing styles, many literary tropes, as well as with it's characters as well, paying much homage, admiration, and respect to the literary giants of the 20th Century such as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, who were his main inspiration for his second masterpiece, the "Saintly/Angelic Warriors" series. This is considered to be Garland's first and foremost pen name. In honor of two great literary writers who came before him; Samuel Barclay "Beckett" and James "Baldwin". Hoping to add another great writer, such as Richard Wright, the fray as well. 

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