Financial Savvy for Therapists

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About the author

Alexa S. Elkington

Writing a book to help therapists handle the business and money side of their practice was a natural next step for author Alexa Elkington. Before she entered graduate school to become a psychotherapist, she worked as an accountant specializing in taxes. After establishing her own private therapy practice in Las Vegas, Alexa began to see that many of her fellow therapists had little understanding of basic business principles that would help them grow their practice. Clearly they needed to have access to a reader friendly and practical financial education. And so she wrote this book.

Alexa says her goal is to guide therapists into achieving the level of income that both supports and empowers them in the valuable work they do. She describes herself as a “life-time learner” and could add to that “teacher.” This is a strong indicator that readers can expect more Savvy Money Books in the future to show other self-employed professionals how to be savvy money managers of their business.