She Is Behind Enemy Lines

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Janina Clarke

Welcome to my author page. I love reading all types of books, which is why I love to write in the genres of historical fiction, suspense and action/adventure. Telling stories of forgotten heroines and the sacrifices they made during WW2.

She IsĀ Behind Enemy Lines is the first book and Victory in Normandy is the sequel in the Emily Boucher series

I was born in Northampton, England, and worked for thirty years in Education. I emigrated to Perth, Western Australia in 2007. I live with my family and a menagerie of animals and I love to write and read all genres of books.

My new book 'Cherry's War; and The Flying Nightingales' is out soon. It's an historical fiction romance - and based on real-life stories of the famous British nurses in the air during WW2 who kept severely injured men alive during their flight home - they were probably the first female paramedics.