The Myth of Kukulkan

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About the author

Geoffrey R. Tigg

Born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Geoff Tigg became interested in film, art and writing in his early teens. He loves telling stories as his father had, and the creative seed sown  in those teen years has been rejuvenated through his works on film, canvas and on paper. Tigg's stories have been inspired by characters, events and places that have touched his life in some imprtessionable way.

A graduate of the Univerity of Waterloo, Tigg went on to became a Professional Engineer, receive his cetification in accounting and process logistics, and is a graduate from a consultancy business school in New York. Tigg has been able to provide consulting in Canada, the United States and South America, and has been CFO and CEO of numerous corporations in British Columbia, Canada. Tigg has volunteered in his community, mentored others and has frequently reinvented himself to meet changing times. 

Geoff lives in the West Coast overlooking the inspiring and unpredictable ocean absorbing its power and returning it to readers through his written words.