The Sixth Seal

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About the author

Joshua Brann

Joshua Brann studied computer aided drafting, computer programming and cartography in various technical colleges and institutions of higher learning in the state of Oklahoma. None of these however prepared him for a career as a novelist, which is probably why he still works by day as a geographic information systems mapping specialist in the energy industry.

By night he retreats to the solitude of his den where he writes serial fiction on sites like WattPad, JukePop and While Joshua has written young adult fantasies, mysteries and even an avant-garde thriller, his real passion is writing stories that blend science fiction, fantasy and paranormal thrillers. The Sixth Seal, the first book in the Protectors series and his debut novel, is just such a book. He is currently at work on the second book in the series, Eyes of Arcadia.

Joshua resides in the northeast corner of Oklahoma with his loving wife Dot, his daughter Miranda, and a very vocal beagle, named appropriately enough, Gabby.