The Spirited Scarecrow

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About the author

Marnie Atwell

   I am an Australian author who lives in South-East QLD with my husband and two children.

 I love reading, writing, playing the keyboard and anything from the fantasy genre. The creative streak that runs through my psyche has entertained my family on many occasions. I love regaling them with stories from my dream world.

 I have spent many years as a teacher aide helping underprivileged students with basic numeracy and literacy skills. It is through my work at our local high school that I realised there are a lot of youth who are unable to read to an appropriate level.

This newfound knowledge encouraged me to believe that some of the stories I shared with my family might be interesting enough to encourage some of these students to begin the journey as a reader. It is my hope that these students are able to overcome their difficulties with language and  become life-long readers.