Murmures à Partager

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Jorge Argibay

Jorge Argibay holds a Master's degree in Comparative Literature from Autonoma University of Madrid, where he won the research award. This degree was combining with stays at the French University Paris-Diderot (Paris 7). He is a breath of contrasting knowledge in the field of interpretation, literary studies and the academic environment, with a touch of gentle lethargy. 

He has extensive international experience and has immersed himself in the geography of countries as diverse as Mexico, Colombia, France, United Kingdom, China and the Philippines, in a constant quest to study other languages and cultural interactions. He has worked as an interpreter, teacher and researcher. He has applied his knowledge in the business world, by supporting multilingual teams in their task of recruiting new talent. His mind has been able to adapt to his obsession for travel itineraries, combining his admiration for other cultures, mixing it all in the same cocktail of his own destiny.