My Love Can Be The Killing Kind

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About the author

Samantha McPhillips

Scottish born writer and recipent of the AG MacKenzie Award for Excellence in Literature. I originally started writing online after graduating high school as a journalist for a non-profit, global youth project; mainly writing articles about politics, international events and current affairs. Throughout school I had a passion for literature which led me to writing in my spare time and for classes - but I was always too shy to share my work.

After graduating and with the events of the pandemic, my mindset has changed and I want to carry out my dream of being an author. Even if I don't do the best, I'll have done it nonetheless.

My main genre of writing is queer fiction and I have many works in progress in that area; novels, novellas, screenplays. However, I don't believe that my writing should only focus on that alone as I don't read books that are "straight" fiction or seek them out.