Danse Macabre

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About the author

J.S. Wolfe

J. S. Wolfe is a writer, filmmaker, and coach, with a specialty in character analysis. She is passionate about true crime, personality disorders, consciousness and shamanic medicine.

She attended UCLA film school, and worked with several esteemed artists in the film industry; Cornelia and Martin Bregman (Scarface), Vincent Vieluf (Rat Race), Khaled Elsawy (Yacoubian Building), among others. 

Her articles were published in The Village Voice, The New Yorker and DAM. She wrote creative press releases for international fine artists such as Susana Rodriguez (Argentina), John Silver (NYC), and Miki (Japan) during her work at 48th Avenue Art Gallery in Manhattan thanks to curator Mr. Alejandro Beitler. 

Ms. Wolfe is committed to her healing journey, in order to be of better help to others on the path. Her message is, we are never alone, if we know where to look.