Teddy and the Mighty Yolo

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Tina Haydamacha

Tina Haydamacha, a wife, mother and passionate writer is a former graduate of The Charles Morris Price School for Advertising and Journalism. Her passion for writing began as a young child waking up in the middle of the night to write her thoughts down on any paper she could find. The gravitational pull to write a story was always a dream, until one day during the pursuit of another passion within the science field, her English professor presented an opportunity to interpret Edward Albee’s, The American Dream. The arduous challenge put her writing to the test and by completion validated her love for the craft. Soon after, she was recognized by her professor, who made her critique of The American Dream available to all students as a reference guide in the college library. This experience reignited her passion for writing and led her to write a screenplay about the CIA takeover of Saturday Morning Cartoons now residing in the Writer’s Guild East. Growing up surrounded by an artistic family gave her the platform to begin her journey in writing, hoping one day to become a published author. The idea of bringing characters to life in a story she created led her to publish her first E-book "Monty the Magnificat" in 2019. Her print copy for "Monty the Magnificat" is available now-2022! Her story continues with her second book "Teddy & the Mighty Yolo" available for pre-order now-2022.