Circuit Training for Beginners: A 6 Week Beginner Home Workout Manual for Losing Weight, Gaining Energy, and Improving Self-Esteem.

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Andrew Hudson

Hello there, the Names Andrew and there's nothing I love more than keeping fit and helping others become fit. Keeping fit can be done in several ways, whether that's by running, swimming, home workouts, circuit training, or boxing they all share the same purpose to improve your physical and mental well-being! But best believe it is easier said than done and that's why many people have the job to help others reach their fitness goals.

So you may be thinking, Andrew why should I trust you to help me reach my fitness goals?

Well to answer that, I am a qualified personal trainer and boxing coach. I have been helping people reach their fitness goals for a few years now and I wanted to get into writing for a couple of reasons. The first reason was because of lockdown/quarantine or whatever you like to call it - the countless hours I spent at home got to me and writing was the best way to redirect my wasted energy to good use. Secondly, you can only coach a set amount of people face to face, however, writing means that the number of people I can coach is endless. Lastly, I actually enjoy sitting down and writing, it brings me peace to know that everyone who reads my books will gain so much information and will be able to achieve any fitness goal they put their mind to. So I hope that's a good enough answer, have I earned your trust?

All of the books that I publish have the same goal, to educate others to become a better version of themselves. It's no good me just telling you to go on a run once a week as I will not know if you do it or not, instead I help you become aware of self-determination and motivation so that you are the person pushing yourself to reach your goals.

So, that's me, ladies and gents. Not your average personal trainer. Other stuff: I am 26, from the UK, used to enjoy going out (before 2020), and lastly I am working on a phone fitness app.