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Suz Korb

Suz Korb writes Young Adult and Adult fiction. Originally from Hawaii, Suz grew up in Utah, and has been living most of her adult life in England, where she writes novels and short stories. A multi-genre author writing Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romantic Comedy, Coming of Age, and more. Suz is also an academic in that she continually changes her major with the Open University. Just like with her multi-genre fiction writing, she researches and writes essays in wide and varied subjects such as biology, genetics, literature, and psychology. Combining these disciplines with real world experiences, and the author’s wild imagination, Suz Korb books are born. If you’ve enjoyed this, or any Suz Korb books please do leave a rave review, it would be greatly appreciated. And get in touch with the author, if you like. She’d love to hear from you about all things fiction.