Valley of the Shadow of Death - Part 1

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About the author

Marnie McFarland


These are the people whom I gratefully acknowledge their support and to thank for helping me with the production of this novel:

(Beta Readers)

Bev Wilkin

Lori Kalwa

Eva Bell

Sandy Hracs

Jean Martin

Caitlin Walker

Lindsey Lafferty

Cover Art is credited to:

Rupam Grimoeuvre

His artwork can be found at:

His e-mail address is:

And, of course, lastly, but not least, I want to thank my Mom, Mary Sumsion, for all her support. And thanks to my muse, Cristina Sava.

Apologies for anyone I have missed.

About the Author:

Marnie grew up on a general farm in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. She helped care for pigs, cattle, cats, dogs and other assorted crops, along with two sisters, Julie, and Lauree, and one brother, Paul. She is the oldest in the family. Amongst others, she is related to William Wallace, (who is a distant cousin), and Sir Adam Beck, who managed to harness hydro-electricity at Niagara Falls. She played hockey on a boys’ team, as ringette was the only option for females at the time. She has returned to Ontario after spending almost 20 years in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She started writing after having a terrible experience when her wisdom teeth were removed. It was her way of therapy, and others pushed her to publish her work, which she did.

Marnie wishes to thank all those who are willing to read her work.