Eliminate Your Competition: A Trapper’s Guide to Increasing Your Commission

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About the author

Sean O'Shaughnessey

Sean O’Shaughnessey has been in sales for over thirty years and has achieved or exceeded quota more than twenty-five times (so far) and has sold hundreds of millions of dollars of products and services. He has produced more than 250% of quota several times. 

While Sean has been formally trained in multiple sales process philosophies, he has always found them to be lacking. This book was started over fifteen years ago in frustration after returning from yet another lackluster sales training class by a sales trainer that could only sell sales training. 

Unfortunately, Sean was forbidden from publishing the book for many years due to his various employers refusing to allow him to publish the secrets to his success.

Recently, Sean joined one of the most exceptional software companies in the world, and they enthusiastically supported the finishing of the project. Of course, after so many years, this required a near re-write of the book to accommodate modern tools of the trade. Sean finished the project while still exceeding quota every year.

Sean lives in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio with his high school sweetheart and wife of over thirty years. They are the proud parents of three adult children.