The Safeguard

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D M Wilder

Diana Wilder was born in Philadelphia and grew up all around the United States courtesy of the United States Navy. Perhaps because of the Irish in her, she liked to weave stories for her own enjoyment about the people she met and the places she saw during her travels. She graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in ancient and medieval history and experience in journalism.


Her love of storytelling developed into a love of writing. She wrote her first novella, based on Kamehameha’s Hawaii, in middle school. She started writing novels in graduate school and has produced four novels set in New Kingdom Egypt: The City of Refuge, Mourningtide, Pharaoh’s Son and A Killing Among the Dead, all part of The Memphis Cycle.  Another volume, set after Mourningtide and prior to Pharaoh’s Son, will be published under the name Kadesh. 


The heartbreak and gallantry of the American Civil war has always caught her imagination, and she served as a Docent in the Civil War Library and Museum in Philadelphia for some years. The Safeguard arose from her research into the Georgia theater of the war.


You can read sample chapters of all these books, published and projected, can be read on her website,