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Dana Terry

Hi, this is Dana. I write stories, sometimes quirky, always romantic. I'm working hard on completing two more books in 2018 and early 2019, including Miriam - The Novel, and The Time Traveler's Promise.

Miriam - The Novel will be the continuation of the short story that's available now. It's the story of an artificial intelligence that falls in love with a real person -- and he falls for her, too. Can their unique love survive?

The Time Traveler's Promise is the story of a man on a mission from the future, who falls in love with a woman of the present day. But her life is in jeopardy, and saving her could endanger his mission and his future world. You can read it for free now as episodes on Instagram, @danaterrystories.

You can visit me at, where you can join my email list, find my blog, and more.

I hope you love reading my books as much as I love writing for you.