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Shareef Jaudon 4.9

Shareef 4.9 is the best selling author of THE TYCE SERIES 1-8, DALLAS: The Bitch You Love To Hate, The Audio Book Relationshit, TYCE & Angelique, TYCE & Angelique: The Conclusion, Men Are Bitches Too, Code Of Conduct and many plenty more page turning books not to mention song writing and music! However, enough about what Shareef does professionally...you want to get to know more about him-right? Ok, let's go....movie theaters are like a therapy session for him. He likes to go alone believe it or not. If golden fried chicken is sizzling in the pan watch out because that's his favorite food with a side of mac and cheese! Zodiac sign is a Leo, hates flies and dislikes judgemental people.

Risk taking is what he does best personally and professionally and he believes in betting it all on yourself! He is allergic to "what ifs" and shuda wuda cuda's. Shareef never disappoints his beloved readers and fans and enjoys interacting with them. Some have compared his writing style to Donald Goines, Iceberg Slim, Kwan, and many others....but there is only one Shareef 4.9; a name he earned by averaging 4.9 out of 5 star reviews spanning over a dozen best selling books doing what he loves and has a passion for.....writing!

Music by Shareef 4.9 is available on all major music streaming sites. The latest release, "PARALYZED" out now! Listen on YouTube-


YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWc2R4tCTXK8AUTyIlMRYcg?view_as=subscriber