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G. Edwin Varner

G. Edwin Varner grew up on a farm, helping his father in the crop fields and assisting his mother in the flower and vegetable gardens. This experience and learning eventually led him to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Botany.
For twenty years, he successfully owned and operated a fragrant flower mail-order nursery.

His catalog differed from others because he described the flowers he grew instead of just using expensive pictures. He once said, "I write a thousand words worth a picture in my catalogs." Today, he has the same style of writing (thankfully with fewer words) through a variety of enjoyable and informative ebooks. This time, the ebooks include color photos of each flower.

​​​​​He encourages you to cultivate something unique, beautiful, and delightful in your gardens. His motto is "Read about it, see it, grow it, and enjoy it!"
G. Edwin Varner owns Green Thumb Publications and lives in a rural area of northeastern Ohio, USA.