New World War

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D.G. Valdron

D.G. Valdron is a reclusive Canadian writer, hiding out in the Manitoba wilderness. Like many shy woodland creatures, such as the grizzly bear, he is more afraid of you than you are of him. He is an acknowledged authority on obscure pop culture topics, LEXX, Doctor Who, Fan Films, Cult Television, and Pulp novels,particularly Edgar Rice Burroughs. He also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy. He is the author of such novels as 'The Mermaid's Tale,' 'The Luck,' 'Yongary vs Pulgasari,' 'The New Doctor,' and collections including 'Dawn of Cthulhu,' 'Fall of Atlantis,' 'Giant Monsters Sing Sad Songs,' and 'There Are No Doors in Dark Places.''  He is a prolific wrtier of fiction and non-fiction, specializing in quirky and off the wall material. His style marries breezy familiarity, casual friendliness and razor sharp observation.  He can be found on facebook, or at his website where he blogs regularly.