The Illiad Chronicles - Book I: Origins

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Clinton Reel

About me, you ask? Well, there may not be a whole lot to say, but I can give it a shot! I have had the desire to write literature since I was seven-years-old when I saw my sister write a novel. Inspired by her and the countless games I played to that point, I made a book - sort of, not really.

Over the years, as I have grown as a reader and as a person, I decided to get back into things. However, I did not want to write stories just for the sake of writing novels. My goal as an author is to inspire a new generation of fantasy that captivates the reader and flips a lot of known subjects on their head.

The Illiad Chronicles is the first such series. It has been the culmination of around two years of on and off work. From writing notes to adding in themes to locales to even lore, it has been my baby for the last couple of years. Now, it is time to unleash it upon the world!

Still reading? I will share some cool facts, I guess.

Almost a decade ago (2009), I started a machinima group on YouTube that made a series called "Journey to General." After those adventures, I dabbed into the realm of Let's Plays at PackleStudioz along with a bunch of other friends, making a bunch of videos over the span of three years and getting almost five-thousand subscribers!

My most recent endeavor is speedrunning, where I collected world records in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, Tony Hawk's Underground 1 and 2, Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, and Tony Hawk's Project 8. At one point in time, I held a record in the A Series of Unfortunate Events video game and Spider-Man (2000). Safe to say, I have had a long, fun career in speedrunning that has died down as of late due to real life.

Now, it is time to write my legacy as an author!