Woman Made of Green

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Rain Teller

Behind the curtains of everyday convenience hides a world of wonder. A world of magic that has all the shades but those of gray. A world where light penetrates the darkness and darkness embraces the light. The Mystery speaks through it, the rain dances its enigmatic songs.

TheRainWillCome dedicates itself to capturing glimpses of this world without disturbing its subtleties — bringing rich, multidimensional stories, sacred in their nature, spiritually entertaining, artful, and profound.

The Stage bleeds, you see, and the Theatre goes strong. Mother Earth is barely heard over the rattles of commerce, and the mystical language of the unconscious lies bleeding where our geniuses sing their divine songs. Yet, I still believe that the rain will come.

Join me on this journey; one storytelling droplet at a time, until I'm not.