Diving In - A collection of poetry

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About the author

Cheryl O'Brien

In 2013 I wanted to pay tribute to my Grandfather, a World War One hero. I struggled until the words turned to poetry and then just flowed. As if a switch had been flicked on, my journey began and I have been writing since that day. Each piece is unique, I have no set style and I like to think my words are simple and in tune with life today.
Being a big people-watcher a lot of my work reflects people and places that have crossed my path. Social comment and events that plague our troubled world often inspire, along with nature and emotions. Dylan Thomas is a constant source of inspiration to me.

Most of my work is written on my ten minute train commute to work, if a poem is not ready by the time I reach my destination, I usually scrap it.

I live in Cardiff with my husband and we have two daughters and two grand-daughters. Now on the verge of retiring, the time is right for me to share my work with the world.