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Kathryn Cable

I'm a storyteller. An overabundance of imagination and curiosity created a writer. Born in Pueblo Colorado, I didn’t see much of the world. Growing up in a small town you live a fairly sheltered life, which is great for a kid. Still, I daydreamed about more. I guess that’s where all the stories came from as I searched for adventures. It took many years later to write them down. Once I got going, I can’t stop writing. Better late than never. My first love was art, which I studied all through school. I obtained a degree in advertising design from a private art college. I soon found out the real world was not like school. After a few years being poor, creatively stifled and overworked as a graphic designer, I enjoyed a 25-year career in public relations for government and corporations. My ever evolving and demanding career allowed me to live in and travel to many parts of this country, working for unique employers, meeting interesting, famous and diverse personalities.

​​​​​​​ As Hemmingway said, “Any man's life told truly, is a novel.” With a life filled with varied experiences, both career and personal, my writings are often more truth than fiction. Much of what goes into my stories and characters I went through and survived. My desire as a fiction author is to share my stories with you, letting you too escape from reality and dare to dream. My books are about the human drama of life and death, desire and love, anger and loss. I take ordinary people and put them in extraordinary circumstances. Then I watch to see how they respond. I focus on how my characters learn to overcome the obstacles that life throws at them while going through personal changes and growth. I have learned what we expected our lives to be is not necessarily how they turn out. Sometimes that’s not a bad thing. It makes life interesting. I have found that life is full of more twists than a roller coaster, love is risky, death unexpected, and testing is hard, but we somehow make it through with hope, faith, love and lots of laughter to season the stew.

​​​​​​​ After a lifetime of roaming, I settled down on the Gulf Coast of Texas enjoying the beaches and ocean breezes. When I’m not writing, I enjoy painting, photography and spending time with my family. Thank you for choosing my book to read. I am honored you chose mine. I have more stories and characters to bring to life. Hopefully, I have enough time to do so. I promise I will do my best to keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat, anticipating what comes next.