The Lost and the Least

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About the author

Chris Lester

 Chris Lester has tried his hand at many trades: marine biologist, title insurance officer, high school science teacher, writer, editor, clinical researcher. Through many ups, downs, derailments, and right-angle turns, two things have remained constant: a passion for storytelling, and the drive to change how people see the world. Whether behind the microphone, at a keyboard or in front of a classroom, Chris never feels more alive than when he’s introducing others to new perspectives and new ideas.

Born in Michigan, trained as a scientist in California and Montana, Chris now makes his home in Madison, Wisconsin. When he isn't writing or doing research, he enjoys playing piano, pen-and-paper roleplaying games, swing dancing, and being out in nature. He lives with his wife Melanie, their dogs Cedar and Marco, and three deranged but adorable cats.