The Graduating Bully

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Faith Wood

Conflict Coach and Certified Professional Speaker, Faith Wood is also a Behaviorist, Hypnotist and Handwriting Analyst.
Now the author of the Decklin Kilgarry Suspense Mystery Series as well as the Colbie Colleen Cozv. Suspense Mvsterv Series, she lives with her husband in British Columbia, Canada
Her interest in Behavior Psychology blossomed during her law enforcement career when it occurred to her if she knew what people really wanted, as well as motives behind their actions, she would be more effective in work and life. So, she hung up her cuffs, trading them in for traveling the world speaking to audiences to help them better understand human behaviors, and how they impact others.
Faith speaks about how to tap into the area of the brain that controls actions which, in turn, have a tendency to adjust perceptions, thereby launching a more empowered life. Faith writes both fiction and non-fiction and she touches lives, leaving a lasting impression.
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