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About the author

Cheryl Diane Parkinson

Cheryl Diane Parkinson, Ph.D. is a prolific British-Caribbean Author, Educator, and Mother from Norfolk, UK. 

Dr. Parkinson has an immensely distinct writing voice, very lyrical and filled with prose. Her patois (patwa) in  Berthas comes through the pages so seamlessly and eloquently, you can hear each character as an individual, you can distinguish between Aunt Ivy and Uncle Glanford, and the many other lovable characters you will meet in the story. If you are not so familiar with Caribbean patois, the message is still quite the same. With her Ph.D. in Creative Writing with Studies in Dissociative Identity Disorder from Birmingham University, Cheryl has published several works including The Revolving Door (2018); Racial Biases in Education (2020), and Black Girl Rising (2021). Her novel, Berthas, will be published in Spring 2022 by Lemons & Gold Publishing.