The Totem: and other poetic musings

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Edmond Bruneau

Edmond Bruneau was born in Redmond, Washington where he graduated high school and attended Eastern Washington University, became the campus newspaper editor and graduated with a degree in Journalism and Radio/Television. He was a FM radio announcer, advertising manager for the world’s largest manufacturer of outdoor visual communication and began his own successful marketing and advertising firm, Creative Consultants in 1980, serving both regional and national clients. In 1986, he wrote Prescription for Advertising, a common sense guide for small and medium businesses reviewed by Inc. Magazine – and was popular in the U.S., U.K., Australia, and translated to Polish for the Poland market. Retired as president of the firm in 2009.

Edmond’s interest in poetry began in fifth grade, where he astounded his teacher with an original poem sympathetic to the plight of native americans. He began writing earnestly in high school and was encouraged by his poetry instructor to seek college professors and publishers to advance his writing career. In 2011, he compiled his first poetry book, Colors of My Within – a collection of original poems he had written from ages fifteen and twenty-one. His second book, New Hues and Past Tales, published in 2016, features 126 new poems revealing hope for the future and memories from the past. The Totem, published in 2018, includes 128 fresh poems and a short metaphysical tale about Grand Coulee Dam.

After 48 years living in Spokane, his latest book, Walla Walla Sweet – packed full of poetic ponders of the pandemic and beyond, details his move to Walla Walla in 2019 and the nature of his experience, as he puts it, “finding his tribe.” The 172 page book also features a separate section of thirteen pandemic poems detailed by the date they were written.

Edmond also has written song lyrics for six Robot Raven CD’s and for a musical duo in Germany named Liz’n Taylor.

He also conducts a Zoom weekly poetry workshop every Monday afternoon with like-minded  minds from the pacific northwest all the way to New Jersey.